GIF: Matt Harvey’s Changeup From Five Minutes Ago

In his very exciting debut, Matt Harvey threw only six changeups — and, per Texas Leaguers’ PITCHf/x data, received zero swings and misses on same.

Through one inning in San Francisco tonight, Matt Harvey had recorded at least two whiffs on his change — against a hitter, in San Francisco’s Melky Cabrera, who has posted just a 5.5% swinging-strike rate and the sixth-most linear-weight runs above average against changeups.

Regard, with an 0-1 count:

And on the 2-2 count:

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6 Responses to “GIF: Matt Harvey’s Changeup From Five Minutes Ago”

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  1. Sixto L. says:


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  2. Melky drops a perfect bunt down the line as a rebuttal. Impressive work by both parties.

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  3. Nate says:

    Melky showed some adjustment to it though. He pulled off the first one and looking like he knew he was fooled. He stayed in on the second and took a hard swing. He just still got beat.

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  4. Choo says:

    Does Matt Harvey perform the fancy horse trot dance after every pitch, or just following changeups, or swinging strikes, or when he smells apples? Please confirm.

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