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GIF: Nolan Ryan Is Super Judgmental Now

Many able baseballing commentators have noted that the media coverage of Texas Ranger (principal) owner and president Nolan Ryan is perhaps exaggerated relative to his actual role in assembling the team currently playing in the ALCS — for which achievement general manager Jon Daniels and his colleagues are largely responsible.

For me, personally, it’s fine. Daniels certainly deserves credit, but the media will always tell the most interesting available story — and that’s Ryan. The thing I absolutely can not tolerate is how super judgmental Ryan has become recently.

Like, consider this interaction I had with the former ace pitcher just last night:

Me: Hey, Nolan Ryan how do you think these shoes look with these pants I’m wearing?

Nolan Ryan:

Me: Oh, okay. Well, anyway, I just wanted to look decent, because I’m going out to the new Thai place that just opened. Do you like their food?

Nolan Ryan:

Me: Seriously, Nolan Ryan? You’re just gonna roll your eyes at me like that? You’re over 60. Shouldn’t you behave more maturely? Like, a mature person?

Nolan Ryan:

Me: [Weeping softly.]