GIF of the Day: Nominations Thread

There are six spring-training games available on MLB.TV today, which equates to roughly 18 hours of baseball, which suggests that probably at least one marvelous thing will happen today.

Because we at NotGraphs are dedicated to documenting the marvelous — and because the present author is the sort of person who has “downloaded” the necessary “software” — it follows that we should render footage of said marvelous thing into GIF form, fit for public consumption.

Having said that, it should be noted that the author is unable — owing to his many Important Duties — the author is unable to watch all 18 of those hours of baseball. So it falls to the bespectacled readership to serve as the eyes, ears, and (for some, unrelated reason) glistening biceps of said author.

In the event that he/she isn’t too busy, the attentive reader would do well to report in the comments section any instances of the following, with a view towards that manufacture of a GIF:

• Decidedly breathtaking pitches
• Particularly amusing incidents
• Probably anything Melky Cabrera does

Providing the inning and batter and count and whatever-all-else would be helpful, as well.

Allez, NotGraphs, allez.

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

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  1. During yesterday’s Red Sox game a drunk man fell over the railing and onto the field and had considerable difficulty returning to his seat. I laughed at his lack of sobriety and general clumsiness.

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    • Bryz says:

      It was late in the game. 7th, 8th inning?

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      • House on a Hill says:

        It was a red sox game. since matty said the man returned to his seat we can easily deduce that this was before the game even started, such sobriety is uncommon in sox fans after the 1st.

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        • juan pierres mustache says:

          the guy was wearing a yankees hat, actually, which only added to the moment’s value for this exercise

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    • Buddy O says:

      Also featuring a lengthy discussion between remy and don on whether or not the equator was ‘real’ and if, upon crossing the equator, the ambient temperature would be instantly colder. 8th inning, I think.

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    • Kyle Lobner says:

      You missed the best part – not only did he fall on the field and generally flounder for a while, but when he got up and turned around we got the first glimpse of his Yankees cap.

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  2. Dylan says:

    Mike Leake with a cup on his head!

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  3. Craig Biggio says:

    Greg Maddux just took a leak on Mr. Michael Leake to complete a business transaction.

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  4. bdawg says:

    I was listening to the Jays vs. Pirates (Spring training game2) radio broadcast the other day and David Cooper fouled a ball back into the broadcast booth and it hit Alan Ashby right in the chest while doing the play-by-play. He fell onto the floor and right on his (recently surgically repaired) left shoulder. Must have really hurt since – the day before – he mentioned that he couldn’t even shake some one’s hand yet. The next 5 minutes were what Carson Cistulli would call “Radio gold.” Seriously some of the best baseball banter and stories I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. The next half inning, Travis Snider hit another ball back into the box and it hit Mike Wilner (the 3rd man in the booth) in the wrist and broke the clasp of his watch. Classic. Don’t get that in the regular season!

    If you care to take a listen, it all happened at about the 57 minute mark of the FAN radio feed. Carson, I believe if you ever made a radio announcer ranking, Alan Ashby and Jerry Howarth should be at the top.

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  5. dutchbrowncoat says:

    during the mets broadcast today, the guys in the booth had a chat with the always excellent ra dickey. tim byrdak could be seen in the background of the discussion with a headset on pretending to take part. it very well might be gif worthy.

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