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GIF: Pablo Sandoval’s Home Run Choreography

Click to play.

The above footage depicts the conclusion of Pablo Sandoval‘s home-run trot from his first-inning cuadrangular against right-hander and fellow Venezuelan Jhoulys Chacin during this Monday afternoon’s game against the Rockies (in progress, as of press time).

While said footage reveals no epiphanies, it does provide a record of the somewhat sophisticated choreography of Sandoval’s home-run trot — information that will no doubt be of great use to our descendants and our descendants’ descendants and our descendants’ descendants’ descendants. Specifically, we learn that the Sandoval performs four distinct acts in rapid succession as he approaches, and then touches, home plate.

These four acts, in particular:

1. He crosses himself, Catholically.
2. He gestures towards heaven.
3. He claps his hands together.
4. He pantomimes putting on (what one presumes is) a (championship) belt.