GIF: The Subtle Greatness of Andrelton Simmons, Interrupted

“The throw to second is wide… and he’s out!”
“How’d he do that?”


We’ll never know.

Thanks to Doug Miller for pointing out the play.

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5 Responses to “GIF: The Subtle Greatness of Andrelton Simmons, Interrupted”

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  1. Jefftown says:

    Just another day at the ballpark for Simmons.

    If anyone has a GIF of Munenori Kawasaki’s running-in-place fake-steal of second base on Monday, that would be delightful to watch over and over again.

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  2. Pat G says:

    i keep seeing the white of the sliding cleat and my eyes think it’s the ball

    looks like simmons is trying to make a between the legs catch

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  3. Metsox says:

    Can someone tell me what is happening in this GIF?

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