GIF: Yunel Escobar, Ben Zobrist and the Filthiest Play of 2013

If you have a television and that television has sports powers, you, sir or madam, probably saw this last evening:


A million life-debts to SB Nation for so precisely and cleanly enGIFing this so precisely and cleanly turned double play. And thank you Yunel Escobar and Ben Zobrist; thank you for you Jedi-like connectedness that allows for the glove-flip-to-bare-hand turn. I thank everyone.

This has been a HOT GIF.

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21 Responses to “GIF: Yunel Escobar, Ben Zobrist and the Filthiest Play of 2013”

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  1. Bryrob58 says:

    Take a damn shower, you filthy bastards.

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  2. George Harrison says:

    It’s been done.

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  3. Mike Green says:

    Don’t know that I’ve ever seen that before. Variety is good. Your hand to my glove, or your glove to my hand…

    “Keystone combination” doesn’t quite capture the passion and the subtlety.

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  4. scout1222 says:

    Scorching hot!

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  5. Mo says:

    The problem with these things is that they always leave out the reactions. The reactions from both sides were Price-less.

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  6. Nathan Shields says:

    Imagine if that was Elliot Johnson at Shortstop instead Escobar, I’m not sure if he fields it cleanly like Yunel let alone the behind the back flip

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  7. Bip says:

    Nick Punto tried to make this exact play. Unsurprisingly, the ball just trickled out of his glove nowhere close to the bag.

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  8. frivoflava29 says:

    Zobrist pauses for a split second before throwing to 1st to collect his lone thought; “sweet”

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  9. Nodlew says:

    I think Votto-Latos from earlier this season was a little better.

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  10. Jg941 says:

    Where was the NSFW warning? That was utterly pornographic!

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  11. hansdampf says:

    The successful behind-the-back-glove-flip seems to be one of Yunel’s signature plays. This time it even turned out to be a bare-handed DP. See him making that move in a game against the Orioles:

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  12. Zobrist is not getting near enough credit for the amount of arm strength displayed in said pants-wetting play.

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  13. cthabeerman says:

    If Andrelton Simmons is the shortstop, it’s a routine 6-3 double play…


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  14. GFF says:

    That’s Elvis/Kinsler level sexiness right there.

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