GIFs: Some Carlos Rodon Sliders from, Like, 20 Minutes Ago

North Carolina State sophomore and left-hander Carlos Rodon, who struck out 135 batters last year in 114.2 innings, is pitching this very moment against Appalachian State. His slider is excellent, and has allowed him to record five strikeouts against the first 13 batters he’s faced of the game. It has also been hit very far out of Doak Field.

Here’s a slider for a swing and miss to Appalachian State DH Dillon Dobson:

Rodon to Dopson 1

And another one of those exact same things, to strike Dobson out:

Rodon to Dopson 2

This is to first baseman Alex Leach:

Rodon to Leach 2

And this is Rodon’s first pitch to freshman center fielder Jaylin Davis, who proceeded to hit very much a home run on it:

Rodon to Davis HR

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  1. SKob says:

    Shocking that it was an opposite handed batter! LOOGY

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  2. CurtisStarkeyfan4life says:

    Poor Dillon Dobson

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  3. Will says:

    If I’m remembering my little league coach correctly, aren’t you supposed to keep both hands on the bat?

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