GIF and a Tune: Slo Mo Jo Mo Steals Mo

As you undoubtedly already know, Jose Molina is something of a scratch base runner. On his career, he has 20 steals in 27 attempts, and 10 of those steals have come over the last four seasons. David G. Temple took some time to rightfully marvel over Molina’s 3-for-3 this season, which allows me to make a post I’ve been wanting to for awhile, except could not because of Laziness.

Here is Molina’s steal from 7/12/2014:


Here is that steal, Temple’s second GIF, repurposed with slower motion for to affect your feals. And here find also appropriately inspirational tunes:


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  1. Ruben Sierra Nevada says:

    Those are the cleanest GIFs I’ve ever seen on any of the Fangraphs sites. As clean as Molina’s uniform after the steal attempt.


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    • Soup says:

      The paragraph is formatted for my browser so that “As clean as” is the end of the line.

      I thought you were gonna say as clean as his plate…

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  2. Bil Bo Baggins says:


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  3. Steven says:


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