Gorman Thomas Has Aged Exactly as Expected

Gorman Thomas threw the ceremonial first pitch at Sunday’s first game of the 2011 NLCS. Thomas is one of the seminal Brewers from the 1982 club which also challenged the St. Louis Cardinals in the playoff, albeit one round later. This is what Gorman Thomas looked like back then:

Thomas wasn’t born in Wisconsin — he’s actually a southern boy, from South Carolina, but that’s the kind of rugged facial hair we Midwesterners appreciate. If Robin Yount and Paul Molitor were the Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder superstars of that 1982 team, than Thomas is the Corey Hart — a power-hitting southern boy with wild facial hair (although Gorman pulls it off… a little bit better).

This was the first time I’ve seen Thomas outside of highlights and pictures from the heyday. But really, one look at the man swinging the bat in the powder blue and gold and then one look here, at the man throwing out the first pitch for the navy and barley, and, well, was anything else really possible?

Sure, we’ve gone from the total package to a classier, mustache-only look, but these are simply the things that happen with age. Good for Gorman — coming back to Milwaukee, supporting his team, and probably living the Wisconsin lifestyle. A true Wisconsin legend, in the flesh.

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