Gratuitous Danny Salazar Coverage of Danny Salazar’s Splitter

Tonight, we use the internet as it was intended to be used: to elicit page views by means of as little work as possible — in this case, by means of publishing footage of Cleveland right-hander Danny Salazar‘s split changeup.

Like this one to Prince Fielder in the second inning:

Salazar Fielder Split

And like this other one to Don Kelly, probably also from the second inning, if the author remembers correctly:

Salazar Kelly Split

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9 Responses to “Gratuitous Danny Salazar Coverage of Danny Salazar’s Splitter”

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  1. Turbo Sloth says:

    His pitches make me Sala-vate.

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  2. Bryz says:

    Hepatitis K.

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  3. tz says:

    Who was the golf commentator that got fired for saying women couldn’t golf as well as men because their boobs got in the way?

    Just thought of that while watching Fielder’s swing in the first GIF.

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  4. DanBC says:

    Nioce mix, but some Vid of of his triple-digit heater, sitting down Miggy would be just as awesome…….does the Tribe skip a beat from the sudden loss of Kid Kluber, to the phenom? Apparently not……….

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  5. Aaron Trammell says:

    That pitch is pure filth. His change is 2012 Kris Medlen-good, and he happens to have triple digit heat too? This guy is must watch TV.

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  6. Dan Rozenson says:

    You know it’s moving when the catcher can’t hang onto it.

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  7. Hitler But Sadder says:

    That one to great hitter, Prince Fielder is absolutely dirty.

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