Great Moments in Baseball Movie Trailers

There are hundreds of baseball movies. There are hundreds of baseball movie trailers. Entirely too many of them can be viewed on the Internet. However, after intensive study, these six clearly separated themselves from the field. Each stands in its own way as a piece of art unto itself; each so masterfully distills the essence of its film as to make the film all but irrelevant. Enjoy.


“With Mantle and Maris, it’s gotta be a hit!” Right? It’s gotta be! Please? Please watch it? It’s about the boy you once were.

BALL OF WAX (2003)

“10 COMMANDMENTS. 7 SINS. 4 BASES. 1 SEASON. A DIAMOND…IS THE DEVIL’S EYE.” I don’t have the faintest idea what is going on in this trailer, but I will be having nightmares about it for weeks.


Wikipedia helpfully explains, “Though the film is ostensibly about high school baseball rivalries, the amount of actual baseball in the film is fairly light. There are many scenes involving bats and balls, however.” Yeah there are.


“It’s a story bigger than life itself — but personal and intimate enough to touch each of us.” I myself feel that I was touched. Inappropriately. For four whole minutes.

ED (1996)

Someone give Matt LeBlanc a sportsmanship award. Ed, I note, belongs to the exclusive club of films achieving a perfect 0% on the Tomatometer.

MR. DESTINY (1990)

A masterpiece of concision.

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8 Responses to “Great Moments in Baseball Movie Trailers”

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  1. rambodiaz says:

    1980 must have been an awful place.

    Although I’m now prompted to subscribe to Softball Power magazine.

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  2. Siskel, Ebert, or Chance says:

    How about the venerable Yūdai Yamaguchi’s 2011 ‘Deadball’ or デッドボール.

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    • ccoop says:

      i don’t understand how the nazis fit in

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      • Chris in Hawaii says:

        It’s a movie about baseball played with weapons to the death that also features musical numbers and you DON’T understand where the Nazis fit in?

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    • Chris in Hawaii says:

      Deadball is actually a sequel to Battlefield Baseball.

      It’s a little more wacky than the first one and has very little to do with the first other than it starring a character from the original. I would recommend it if you need more Tak Sakaguchi in your life…which, who doesn’t, amirite?

      Battlefield Baseball is a must see though.

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  3. Wow. Battlefield baseball is begging for an English language remake.

    I’d also love to see Mutant League Football, the movie.

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    • Chris in Hawaii says:

      No, it’s pretty much perfect as is. You can find dvd copies pretty easily at your local japanese toy store. Those are pretty abundant in places that are not Honolulu, right?

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  4. helm says:

    SQUEEZE PLAY is borderline NSFW… but I will now scour the internet trying to find a copy.

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