Great Moments In Spectacles: Luke Easter

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Above is Luke Easter¬†looking all bemused, badass, and Tunde Adebimpe at the same time. In these specs, it’d be difficult to tell whether he’d be prepping to weld scrap metal into an awesome toboggan for his niece, play a show in the Bowery with his genre-defying, brass-steeped side-project, or deliver a lecture on comparative literature — he seems equally capable of each.


And if that wasn’t enough for NotGraphs fans to take notice of Mr. Easter (one doesn’t need a nickname with a name like that — well, maybe “Happy” would be good), then consider the photograph below, which features the subject donning eyewear that, when viewed by a particular set of nerds, will elicit great joy and/or fond or annoying memories of a certain¬†oft-quoted low-budget indie film. Now, Mr. Easter seems additionally capable of manipulating space rockets — and teaching you a thing or two about how to treat a woman, as well. His skills, like his collection of eyeglasses, are beginning to seem infinite.

“I caught you a delicious bass.”

Look, I’m not saying that if you’re into NotGraphs you’re also a hipster, nor am I saying that you must have a soft spot for the twee-er than twee. (Maybe those are one and the same?) All I am saying is that Luke Easter has achieved some pretty great moments in spectacles.

Would you dare disagree?

From left to right: Awesome, OK, Hitler

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Why is Dennis Franz sporting a Hitler mustache?

Robert J. Baumann

Dunno. That pic is probably from the 1950s, too–Hitlerstaches couldn’t have been too popular then.


How much you wanna bet Luke Easter could throw a baseball over them mountains?


That’s not a mustache, it chewin tobacco that came out of his nose from laughing so hard.

darrell berger
darrell berger

To left of Kuhn is of course Steve Bilko, former Hollywood Stars star. Nat Hiken, TV writer, was a big Stars and Bilko fan. He wrote the famous 50’s sit com “You’ll Never Get Rich” starring Phil Silvers. he named his star Sgt. Bilko after Steve. In 1960 Steve played for the Tigers. Ernie Harwell called him “Big Sarge.” Thus Bilko became the only baseball player in history to be nicknamed after himself.