Great Moments in Spectacles: Ron Kittle

The latest Great Moment in Spectacles comes to us via handsome NotGraphs reader Patrick D., who rightfully said, “Ron Kittle demands satisfaction.”

If Bob Hamelin’s Great Moment in Spectacles was, as I put it, “a heinous crime against baseball cards,” Kittle’s is the opposite. Donruss’ Diamond Kings series was the best, Jerry. The best!

Patrick also sent along this gem, via

True story: I always assumed that if I went to, I’d simply be redirected to FanGraphs. You do in fact learn something new everyday.

Anyway, here’s Patrick with the final word:

Remember, certain parts of Ron Kittle’s face may be closer than they appear.

Gracias, Patrick.

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Greg W
Greg W

I’m always impressed by how much of and unintentional self portrait the photographer makes with the massive pane of glass into which he can reflect himself.