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Guy in John Franco Jersey Looks Like John Franco

NEW YORK — Several riders of a Queens-bound 7 train confirmed Thursday the presence of a passenger not only wearing a John Franco jersey, but also matching the precise physical description of the longtime Mets closer.

“Was it him? Tough to say,” said Gordon Stavridis, 34, who rode the train all the way to Flushing-Main St. “Sure: mustache, vaguely Mediterranean features. But, honestly, that describes basically every white person in the New York area.”

Added Brooklyn native Maria Tasso, 37: “It could’ve been him, although I personally went to high school with 17 different John Francos. And that was just in my graduating class.”

Witnesses confirmed that the Franco look-alike got off at the Mets-Willets Point stop along with a slightly overweight black man of medium height in a Lenny Harris jersey.