Hip Hop Discovery: Mo Vaughn and Rick Ross

Streetwise NotGraphs reader Paul brought the above to our attention, and, well, we’re all better for it.

Is that Mo Vaughn on the left? And Rick Ross on the right? That’s for you to decide. Personally, I think Mo Vaughn is Rick Ross, while David Ortiz might be related to one or both of them.

Paul left us with one additional gem, from Rick Ross and Mo Vaughn’s hit, Luxury Tax, featuring, among others, Lil Wayne:

They say I couldn’t play baseball at all.
And now everyday of my life,
I ball.

Poetry, yo. It’s a beautiful thing.

Head nod out to Paul. A dap greeting, too, perhaps.

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12 Responses to “Hip Hop Discovery: Mo Vaughn and Rick Ross”

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  1. Telo says:

    Queue someone being offended

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  2. Telo says:


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  3. mmulvihill76 says:

    The Suge Knight look is so 1995.

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  4. JD says:

    The arm in the picture to the left looks comically small.

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  5. Resolution says:

    Ahhh so good – that dap will shortly be converted to hood stripes.

    Congrats to the original Teflon Don, Mr. Vaughn – congrats for what you may ask? Response: I believe it is self-evident upon viewing the pictures.

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  6. Rick Ross was clearly talking about his baseball days (as Mo Vaughn) in the songs “Hustlin” and “Push It”. No man weighing nearly 300 something pounds hustled better and pushed himself harder than Mo Vaughn.

    Now he just needs to release the song “Mo Vaughn Mo Problems.”

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  7. saaa says:

    really people… Mo have bigger lips, and he doesnt have a tattoo in his hands,,, MO is to the left and Rick to the left

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