His Name Is Hunter Pence…

Pence is plural for penny.

Halfpence is is plural of halfpenny.

Therefore, I am about to make a pointless joke that has been made a million times before, probably.

Also, remember the band Sixpence None the Richer? They existed.


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8 Responses to “His Name Is Hunter Pence…”

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  1. Oh, Beepy says:

    Truly none of us are richer.

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  2. MustBunique says:

    His name is Robert Paulson.

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  3. TheMooseOfDeath says:

    If you get six Hunter Pences together, would they sing “Kiss Me” a cappella?

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  4. Brad Penny says:

    Q. Why should you never offer quarter for a paradigm?

    A. Who the hell wants to get stuck with a Nickelback.

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