Historical Bat-Flip Coverage: Giant College Player, 1991

Mouton 1

While one might reasonably suggest that giant LSU junior and future/former major-leaguer Lyle Mouton isn’t technically flipping his bat in the two animated GIFs embedded here, it’s also entirely the case that Mouton’s intentions are identical to those of the bat flipper. “I have all the talents,” Mouton announces with his actions — not unlike boy poet Arthur Rimbaud, that is, who said the same thing over a hundred years earlier in French words.

Mouton 2

GIFs captured from this one YouTube video.

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5 Responses to “Historical Bat-Flip Coverage: Giant College Player, 1991”

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  1. DelAbbott says:

    Making a statement by tossing the bat into himself.

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  2. Urban Shocker says:

    Bat-flip coverage! We’re almost there!

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  3. Matt in Toledo says:

    This would appear to be a combination of the bat flip and the mic drop. How have we not heard of this pioneer before now?

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  4. Ed says:

    Goddamn! Such a boss

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  5. Mike Green says:

    I see the roots of Yasiel. The TV series of the same name is in post-production.

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