Hitting on Joey Votto

By popular demand*, here is the companion piece to Eno Sarris’s excellent Joey Votto on Hitting, published yesterday. As this is an exploratory post on a poorly understood subject, my intention here is not to give you any kind of exhaustive analysis, but simply to highlight some basic strategies that will be familiar to attentive fans. I hope that gathering these in one place will be enough to get a conversation going, because what we’re looking at here is quite possibly the next frontier in sabermetrics.

The Pickup Line


The Hard-to-Get


The Swoon


The Laugh


The Jump


* Thanks to FanGraphs user steex for the idea.

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12 Responses to “Hitting on Joey Votto”

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  1. Cody says:

    The swoon is so great on so many levels.

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  2. Tim says:

    No matter what she does, she just can’t get him to pop up.

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  3. Mr. Observant says:

    I’m afraid Joey Batse (Canadian Edition) might have leprosy judging by the pallor of his skin in “The Jump”. He needs to find a nun to cleanse those sores and help stitch his fingers back onto his hands before Opening Day.

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  4. Jon L. says:

    One day you’re reading a suggestion in the comments, and the next day it’s an article on Notgraphs. This is (or, perhaps more honestly, has virtually nothing to do with) why I read Fangraphs!

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  5. steex says:

    Providing the ignition for the flame that is this post is probably the greatest achievement of my life. Thank you, Mississippi Matt Smith, for making a humble man’s dream come true.

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