The Honus Abides, or Let’s Revive the T206

Behold: A movie regarding a Honus Wagner baseball card. Be also hold: The most epic score of any baseball card movie you will ever belisten:

Which brings us to the next, most impressive question: WHY ARE WE NOT MAKING SUPER AWESOME RETRO CARDS?! And moreover: WHEN WILL ALL THE GIFS I MADE APPRECIATE IN VALUE?

Here is my first entry into the New T206 line. Consider Heyward, Jason:

Heyward T206

See as well:
“The $220,000 Baseball Card”
“The Feast of Wagner, Patron Saint of Interior Flight”

Glove slap to my man Will Smith (no relation).

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7 Responses to “The Honus Abides, or Let’s Revive the T206”

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  1. bdjeff42 says:

    Topps makes this:

    If I remember correctly, there was a few more similar sets, but I can’t find them with a lazy google search now. Maybe they didn’t sell?

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  2. Danya says:

    Topps definitely has made an entire “T206″ set several times in the past decade.

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    • Well this is joyous news!

      THESE are the kinds of cards that could make — not just interested in baseball cards — but committed enough to Google around a bit before accusing the card industry of not making these kinds of cards!

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  3. KB says:

    Author seriously should have googled this first. Tons of these already.

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  4. Tommen says:

    I hope they don’t pay you Woodrum. A Chicago hipster lacking Google skills…

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