Horrible News Beside Historical Box Scores: Louisville, 1895

Please click, please embiggen.

The Louisville Colonels won in exhilarating, come-from-behind fashion against St. Louis, one learns from the July 31st edition of the Louisville Times embedded here. More fortunate, it would appear, those Colonels than Augusta Maitland — which Omaha-area laundress, readers of the Times also learn, seems to have been shot thricely by jealous lover Peter Volgreen.

Horrible News Beside Historical Box Scores, is what this has been.

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  1. Matt in Toledo says:

    “If you think the St. Louis nine had a bad day….”

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  2. Matt says:

    Shortly thereafter, a St. Louis pitcher shot a Colonel batsman who refused to abandon his on-base percentage.

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  3. Stuck in a Slump says:

    My only wish is that I could embiggen the image to see how both teams did

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  4. tz says:

    His gun went click, because she refused to embiggen him night-ly.

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  5. Del B. Vista says:

    Until you’ve been shot in the steam laundry, you can never know how painful it is.

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  6. Resolution says:

    I hope the Omaha Jealous Lovers become the AA team of the Twins.

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  7. Canuck says:

    Let’s make jokes about a murdered woman!

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  8. Stroker Ace says:

    15 runs on 15 hits: those Colonels were crushing the ball. Volgreen should have shot Ted Breitenstein instead after that pitching performance.

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  9. DrM says:

    How about that BoSox world series win from 1918? The front page from the Boston Evening Globe reads “SOX WIN CHAMPIONSHIP” as the main headline across the top.

    Just below that main headline is the second story “US TROOPSHIP TORPEDOED”

    Follow that with “Guide for Men Registering for the Draft Tomorrow” and its obvious the other stories are more important than the game report and box score given on the right side of the front page.

    How heavy was the news of the day? In the game report it is stated that “no on-field celebrations took place” and both teams simply walked off the field after the game.

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  10. Brendan says:

    And soon thereafter, the Cubs would win a World Series.

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