Hot GIF: A Corey Hart Behind-the-Back Situation

Given that Scott Baker is conceding only about 2.5 walks per nine innings and sits among the league’s top-10 in Zone%, you’d think that a batter like Corey Hart, having only walked in 6.8% of his career plate appearances, would be surprised to draw a base on balls from Baker.

Decidedly to the contrary, we have this footage from Friday night’s Twins-Brewers game. So unmoved is Hart by Baker’s second-inning walk that he (i.e. Hart) decides to utilize the ubercasual behind-the-back bat toss after the decisive fourth ball.

It’s hard to see, but you can actually see Hart utter the words “Ho” and “Hum” as he makes his way down to first.

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4 Responses to “Hot GIF: A Corey Hart Behind-the-Back Situation”

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  1. jose says:

    no way, this puts my bat flip to shame, why did no one tell me about it 3 years ago, now working and in college i got no time for playing baseball, all those wasted seasons

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  2. Resolution says:

    Thank you for this NotGraphs. I am elated to see that the weekend does not in any diminish or postpone your commitments to providing us (the baseball public (Read: Baseball Illuminati)) with updates that impact our lives and shape the ways we think.

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  3. williams .482 says:

    Joe West wouda’ ejected him for that impudence. The nerve!

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  4. Jaik Jarrkjens says:

    It could be that Corey Hart just doesn’t know how to move his bat from point A to point B without completing a swing of some sort.

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