Hot GIF: Dancin’ Ron Washington

The thing is, you can’t even be mad at Ron Washington. It was 14-1. And, let’s face it, Ron Washington can dance. Better than most. Actually, Ron Washington needs to dance. And what better way to celebrate a very effective seven and a third innings from Derek Holland than with a little jig? A little Ron Washington two-step? The key, Ron Washington says, is to get your shoulders and ass into it. Let the rhythm do the work. Friday nights, Ron Washington was told time and time again growing up, were made for dancing.

The dance stops abruptly, and Ron Washington continues on his way. He’s got business to attend to. Just another day in the life of Ron Washington. Derek Holland? He enjoyed the show.

H/T: Adam of @lonestarball fame. If you’re ever in Toronto, Adam, I’ll take you dancing.

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4 Responses to “Hot GIF: Dancin’ Ron Washington”

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  1. Boxkutter says:

    “Cocaine is a wonderful drug!”

    (Someone had to say it.)

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  2. Adam D says:

    I actually thought the funny Ron Washington-esque walk that Derek Holland did after that was funnier…

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  3. Nate says:

    I’m sitting here watching this loop while pandora plays Maroon 5: “Moves like Jagger”, and I can’t stop laughing. Awesome GIF.

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