Hot GIF: Do Spring Training Stats Matter?

Cito has spoken.

H/T: Much like yesterday, all praise be upon my man @TheScottLewis, and the gang at theScore’s Getting Blanked. Yes, again. Look, it’s been a long week. Too many meetings.

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11 Responses to “Hot GIF: Do Spring Training Stats Matter?”

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  1. Kyle says:

    Cito, does God exist?

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  2. jw says:

    Navin, as soon as I saw this article come across my Twitter feed I knew exactly what it contained and who authored it. I’m either a stalker or a Blue Jays fan who has too much time on his hands waiting for opening day.

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  3. MaineSkin says:

    Watching SP and RP K starters in the last 2 weeks of spring training has to matter. BB in an opposite manner and BSOHL doesn’t, but Pineda showing up 30lbs over-weight does, so whats the medium?
    Look at Drabek, he’ll have 1 full start before next week and if he doesnt walk 3 and goes 7 IP with less than 3 runs, his offseason work should be taken serious and he could be this years Beachy with a little higher WHIP and ERA due to Ballpark and division, right?

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    • How can you argue with The Cito?

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    • James says:

      The scouting standpoint is more important. How a guy’s fastball is, the movement, how is their breaking ball coming along over the course of spring. How they perform means nothing (so Drabek’s start is as important as if it was *insert ANY pitcher here* who did that). Pineda matters because weight is not a statistical measure.

      For all we know, Drabek could be facing the other’s teams backups or guys just want to go out there, not focus on waiting on pitches and try to rip every pitch they see (making his stats look better). If he does perform like that and, after the game, say, Mike Newman reports that Drabek’s fastball was missing its spots and looked flat just the other team was swinging at everything, then that speaks louder than the performance. Stats don’t matter, the scouting does.

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  4. AT says:

    I can’t find it, but this is a poor man’s version of the Chipper Jones gif.

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