Hot GIF: Rollins Does Pence

If you’ve seen Hunter Pence taking practice cuts on deck, you were likely left agape and bewildered. The swollen eyes; the mimed, by-rote hatchet chops; the hint of mouth-breathing — some call this menu of liturgies “The Murderer at large.”

Mr. Jimmy Rollins — man about baseball and town — was also struck by Pence’s crudities. And so he mocked them, and his well-intentioned mocking provides you with not only boundless joy but also your Daguerreotype(s) of the Evening.

First comes the power (click and marvel):

And then comes the glory (click and marvel):

The whole world loves you, Mr. Rollins. And so do I.

(Hatchet-chop: I Left My Heart in Ben Francisco)

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