Hot GIF: Travis Snider is Free

Since his most recent emancipation from the minor leagues, Travis Snider has been freely roaming left field, making — as you can see, above — highlight reel, and remarkably GIFable, defensive plays. I’ll be honest: I didn’t think he was going to get to that ball. I shouted a celebratory obscenity when he did.

More importantly, the reader will note, Snider, still only 24, is hitting home runs against left-handed pitchers. He’s hit three of them, actually, in nine games, since being recalled. In Snider’s previous four stints with the Blue Jays, the journey having begun all the way back in 2008, long before the patch of grey in my beard appeared, in 232 games, he’d hit — you guessed it — three home runs against left-handed pitchers.

Snider’s obviously  figured it all out. And that’s a good thing, because I don’t remember ever being as emotionally invested in a prospect as I am in Snider. I need this to work. I need Snider to become a star. With nobody but the Blue Jays. Or I might never trust another prospect again.

GIF credit: My favorite website, Blue Jays gifs.

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