How Do You Pronounce wRC+?!

I have decided to make my next entry in the Saber Video Series concerning my most favoritist hitting statistics, wRC+.


This involves doing something a baseball hermit rarely does: Saying things aloud. I want to sound, obviously, not foolish, so I will confirm with how you, public, would best vocalize “wRC+.”

Presently, I say (in my head) “worker-plus,” and my wife said “work-plus,” before she said, “Oh, I’d normally just say double-you-are-see-plus,” before she said, “This is how you spend your time?” with the corners of her mouth and the fluttering of her eyes, blinking back tears she would remind herself she never cried.

So tell me: How do YOU saw wRC+?

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40 Responses to “How Do You Pronounce wRC+?!”

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  1. Stephen says:

    Work Plus. That is awesome! I hope that catches on.

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  2. StoneRanger says:

    “Double-you-arr-see plus”, but after reading this article, I’m totally saying “work-plus”.

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  3. Marco Lepe says:


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  4. AlexandertheMeh says:

    With a miter of course.

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  5. Im not a Pepsi You're a Pepsi says:

    Contrary to popular belief, the + in wRC+ is actually not the ‘plus sign’, but rather the symbol of our lord saviour Jesus Christ, and as such this statistic is tied to what His average performance is, 777 wRC+.

    Therefore, as with all incarnations of holy deity’s, according to Orthodox law this statistic must never be pronounced. You may, however, refer to it through proxy by pronouncing “Wa-Ray”

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  6. Bill Petti says:

    Please, no “work”. Just introduce it as “Weighted Runs Created Plus, or Adjusted Runs Created”, or something else.

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  7. ABW says:

    “double wreck plus” or “weighted wreck plus”. I would also accept “double-you rock plus” or “weighted rock plus”.

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  8. Matt Hunter says:

    How about just “weighted are see plus”? That’s actually fewer syllables than pronouncing the “w”, and it expresses at least one part of the nature of the metric.

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  9. TKDC says:

    I just call it “better OPS+”

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  10. KM says:

    If the idea is to make this stuff more accessible to people who may not be as familiar, probably best to just say the initials, or “weighted ar cee plus”. WAR is easy because it actually is an acronym (ie – the abbreviation actually spells something). This is really just an abbreviation, so it may just confuse the issue to try to pronounce as a word…

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  11. jim says:

    double you are see plus

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  12. B says:

    On the rare occasions that I’ve actually had to vocalise it, I called it Adjusted Weighted Runs Created.

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  13. Evan says:

    Rick, plus.

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  14. Mike says:

    Wreck plus, as in Aussie for (a Subaru) Rex (WRX)

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  15. DodgersKingsoftheGalaxy says:

    Well + is adjusted no? W is for weighted so weighted adjusted whatever it is…

    The hermit part is so funny because sometimes i hear words in person that i pronounced differently in my head and say “oooooh that’s what they meant”, sometimes you hope wikipedia can give you the pronunciation

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  16. Styx says:



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  17. Detroit Michael says:

    I don’t pronounce it at all and haven’t thought about it until now. I’ve never used it in conversation but have only read or written it.

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  18. Rikki says:

    world rally car

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  19. TheHoustonian says:

    I’ve always said it out loud as “wreck plus.”

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  20. Choo says:

    R.C. Pro-Am

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  21. Spencer Manners says:


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