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How To Take Out a Catcher, By Ty Cobb

The grim and pointless Buster Posey injury has, of course, served as kindling most flammable for a debate over the ritual abuse of catchers. As for me, when I want to watch football, I watch football. So there.

Still, unsanctioned beatings have an aesthetics to them. Do you prefer the Scott Cousins shoulder-block, or do you prefer the Ty Cobb approach, which, I must assume, is secretly referred to as the “Spikes-High Maximum Shotokan Breadbasket Konk-Smacky.” Or, if you prefer, the “”Spikes-High Maximum Shotokan Breadbasket Konky-Smack!” In either case, regard and dig what Life Magazine purveys …

And the people say: !@#$%&.

(Well meaning and grateful takeout slide: BBTF)