Humorous/Insightful Baseball Term/Stat/Acronym Needed


It came to my attention this morning that Internet web site and the O.G. Google, Yahoo!, is selling off some of its domains. As I buy and sell domains like my portfolio depended on it (it does), this grabbed my interest. As a professional domain broker, I’ve come to quickly analyze the potential worth of domains. While some are certainly more valuable than others (if you think I’m spilling the beans on this, you have brain damage), one confused me: I did some very quick and even dirtier Googling of the Internet to find out just what Batoota meant. It seems to hold little meaning in actual language, used mostly as a name in countries where brown people live. But this spoke to me. Batoota. Batooooooota. It has a ring to it.

So I turn to you, fair NotGraphs readers. Let’s come up with some sort of stat or acronym or something that makes this domain useful. Let’s create another term that confuses people and sets the statistical movement back a few years. Most importantly, let’s make me some money.

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  1. ElJosharino says:

    Baseball Always Trickles Out Of Throbbing Aortae

    Something about baseball and hearts beating and love and trickling.

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  2. Chris K says:

    The Will To Win?

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  3. tz says:

    If you want confusion and whatever the opposite of transparency is, how about:

    Baseball Acronym That Outlasted Only This Acronym.

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  4. Naked Mole Gaetti says:

    Average after
    Taking a

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  5. Dayton Moore says:

    Batting Average Times Other Offense Times Attitude = Formula for MVP.

    This is for all you guys who can’t see an MVP with your own well trained eyes.

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  6. Jg941 says:

    Since speeding up the game will become a hotter topic over the next few years, how about a metric to measure the level of annoyance for hitters who are constantly stepping out to do…….whatever.

    Batter Attempted Time Outs Or Time………Adjusting.

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  7. Bart says:

    Batters Assaulted While Tripping On Outlandish Total of Acid
    BA Against while Throwing Outside Of The Astrodome

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  8. DD says:

    Bullpen Assembly Theory Overrides Other Tenable Approaches

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  9. John Elway says:

    Big-ass tarp overruns outfielder, twisting ankle.

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  10. olethros says:

    Bunt Attempts Taken Over Obvious Technical Advice

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  11. A eskpert says:

    Talent or
    = Yuniesky Betancourt’s slugging

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  12. All of you people are wonderful.

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  13. Embiggens Papiamentu says:


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  14. triple-A city says:

    BA2tA; Batting Average to Advancement.

    A measurement that reflects the effectiveness of a team in advancing a runner once he’s on base. Sort of a quantification of hit clustering and situational OBP, this analytic also takes into account a team’s attitude toward steal and bunt maximization.
    BA2tA can be used in lineup construction, establishing a franchise’s philosophy of basepath aggression, valuation of pinch hitters or runners, and also defensively through bullpen usage or a preference toward defensive-minded catchers. Errors are not considered in calculating BA2tA, although some research has been done into the link between team footspeed and a higher opponent error rate.
    Some variations on the statistic include wBA2tA+, which endeavors to take into account factors such as the contemporary league-wide advancement environment or the presence of Dusty Baker.

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  15. Kris says:

    Barring Anal, Temple’s Often Open To Animals.

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  16. me says:

    I want a stat for every single hand motion the third base coach makes: crotch grab, ear pull, right-handed left-shoulder swipe, left-handed right-shoulder swipe,… the list goes on and on. why???? because then we could compute the percentage of each sign given to every ballplayer and use that to compute who receives the most communication on their team. clearly, the guys that receive the most communication are the least coach-able. least coach-able = least likely to improve. and… BINGO! we instantly know who is going to improve the following season. simple as that.

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  17. me says:

    i am however, a little concerned that this new stat would have such powerful predictive powers that people would quit watching baseball altogether, as they would now essentially know the outcome of everything related to our grand ol’ game.

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