I Don’t Know Is on Third, Literally

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Minor League Guy, shockingly, is not related to Unknown.

[h/t @bubbaprog]

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Mike writes about the Yankees at River Ave. Blues and baseball in general at CBS Sports.

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  1. beachykeen says:

    Well, it’s not like the information is incorrect.

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  2. Ken Arneson says:

    Perhaps he might fit in better in Japan. If you check out the MLB Gameday pages for today’s games in Japan, you’ll see that the tab titles for the page say “Seattle Mariners at undefined” and “Oakland Athletics at undefined”.

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  3. Sean says:

    Fangraphs/Notgraphs editors: embiggen is not a word. Take note.


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  4. BEASTDOG says:

    Maybe not but found this…….I’m pretty sure that is not a word. The word “embiggens” was made up by writers for “The Simpsons” and was used in the episode “Lisa the iconoclast”.

    the writers defined embiggen as “to grow in size”

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  5. BEASTDOG says:

    Good enough for me.

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  6. mattybobo says:


    (But actually it was Oscar Taveras)

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  7. Nate says:

    Anyone else have to embiggen to make sure minor league guy had 2 arms?

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  8. Wade8813 says:

    Embiggen has found its way into string theory

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  9. buddy says:

    Not quite as good as:


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  10. ettin says:

    Is his last name ‘League Guy’ or just ‘Guy’?

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  11. Juancho says:

    Where’s his right arm?

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