I Enjoy Baseball Today


If you’re an interneting person, if you are “jacked in” — as they say — then there is a good chance you know that today is the day that commentors on the Web Site Reddit have decided to mob baseball stadiums across the nation, bearing signs that say, simply, I Enjoy Baseball:


I’m telling you this so that you will know it. So that when your spouse says, Hah, that’s a fine sign!, you can glance over your newspaper and mutter, Harumph! I know all about this — for behold: My mammoth knowledge!

Because: Why else would we watch baseball with a spouse in the room, if not to impress said spouse?

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16 Responses to “I Enjoy Baseball Today”

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  1. Yancy Eaton says:

    I too, enjoy baseball.

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  2. #KeepNotGraphs says:

    I enjoy baseball too!

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  3. Seriously. #KeepNotGraphs says:


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  4. Kris says:

    Small sample size warning, but every single female in Minnesota is of exactly average attractiveness (age-adjusted, obvs)

    The standard deviation is maybe 0.1 on a ten-point scale or 0.5 ounces of liquor in the more accurate, “How drunk would you have to be” scale.

    11:15-11:30PM at the Duluth TGIFs must be intense.

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    • Bryz says:

      Just checked, we have several TGIFs but none are in Duluth.

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      • Kris says:

        Where do the ladies go to unwind in the Duluth area? Do you guys have Boston Pizza in the USA because that’s where the ladies go to unwind in Toronto.

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        • Bobby Ayala says:

          Are you seriously asking the NotGraphs community to help you date-rape a drunk Duluth woman?

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          • Bill says:

            Of course, I can think of no more appropriate crowd. I recommend the JJ Astor Restaurant and Lounge. Apparently, it rotates. You can’t go wrong with that. #KeepNoGraphs

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          • Kris says:

            Wait a second, American, I am unfamiliar with your customs. Drunk strangers are not allowed to have sex with each other without date-rape occurring?

            In America’s hat, women tend to enjoy sex and often even invite men back to their abode for sexual relations.

            I will however investigate the question as to whether or not Duluth women have “free will” when I drop by JJ Astor Restaurant.

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        • JimmyD says:

          Where do ladies go in Duluth? Pizza Luce or Grandma’s, I suppose.

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  5. Josh B says:

    Now, here’s a guy that understands relationships.

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  6. NotGraphsForeverCistulliNever says:

    I enjoy NotGraphs and I encourage…no, I INSIST that all that feel likewise attend a Major League Baseball game with signs that read “#KeepNotGraphs” on August 10, 2014.

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  7. Seriously. #KeepNotGraphs says:

    I think we should make a hybrid of these signs with the recent Hunter Pence troll signs and introduce the “I enjoy Hunter Pence” sign. Anybody?

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