I Shall Watch Them Play Baseball on Donkeys

Have you seen this, friend?

I like the looks of it. I am going to Borchert Field. I shall watch them play baseball on donkeys.

Part of me — the good part — hopes that the Tripoli Arab Patrol is a patrol made up of Arabs rather than a patrol in search of Arabs to be patrolled. But I’m still going to Borchert Field. I shall watch them play baseball on donkeys.

The Tripoli Arab Patrol is world-famous throughout Shrinedom, so it can’t be all bad. I’m told a band will play. I enjoy a good Sousa march. I’ll hope for a Sousa march, and I shall watch them play baseball on donkeys.

It will all unfold harmlessly, you see. The fun will approach such levels that a circus will come to mind. Or a riot. Would you call a riot “fun”? They promise laughter. I often find myself asking, “What’s so funny?” I ask this of myself sometimes when I’m alone. But I’ll go anyway to Borchert Field. I shall watch them play baseball on donkeys. “Who even has the energy anymore?” is something else I say a lot.

Milwaukee Gas Light Company is a name I can trust. Twenty-five cents sounds reasonable. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself in a grand stand. I’m on a budget like the rest of us. Does this look like scabies to you? No, not that. I hadn’t even noticed that before.

Yes, I suppose I shall watch them play baseball on donkeys.

I remember lying on the roof as a boy and looking up at the stars in mute suspension and talking about what scared me. I don’t believe I ever mentioned donkeys or Shriners. So I shall go to Borchert Park. The more I think about it, though, it seems quite possible that I would’ve mentioned donkeys and Shriners. That will give me something to think about on the bus.

“Should I watch them play baseball on donkeys?” is something I’m starting to ask a lot.

“Nite” sounds more promising than “night,” doesn’t it? “Night” carries with it the threat of menace. Or at the very least the threat of not getting to bed at a decent hour. I have a routine, you see. I suppose, though, that “nite” means the same thing. Stands to reason. They probably just spelled it that way in order to save space.

I don’t think I’m going to go see them play baseball on donkeys.

What do you think happens when you die?

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11 Responses to “I Shall Watch Them Play Baseball on Donkeys”

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  1. Toasty says:

    Never in my life have I been this proud to be from Milwaukee.

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  2. Kyle says:

    Fuck me this is awesome.

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  3. Dave Barker says:

    This manic style makes we wonder if Mr. Perry partook of a wee bit too much of his own Big League Liniment. Also, how come when Mr. Perry’s images are clicked, we are taken to an alternate-universe version of the post, with no text and a separate comment thread?

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  4. rambodiaz says:

    “I shall watch them play baseball on donkeys.”

    The true travesty would be not having this screened onto a t-shirt or embroidered onto a quilt.

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  5. Expert Analyst says:

    Ha ha ha, that donkey just ran to first base!!! (Doubled-up with laughter, wetting myself)

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  6. Steve the Pirate says:

    Donkey basketball was a recurring event at a local high school while I was growing up.

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  7. Take me with you, Dayn.

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  8. reillocity says:

    I can’t believe that you could buy children for only 15 cents back then.

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  9. When you die? It’s a lot like life, but without all the paperwork.

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