Idle Observation: Colby Lewis PITCHf/x Chart Resembles Italy

On the one hand, a thing that exists in the world is this PITCHf/x chart from Colby Lewis‘s player profile at FanGraphs:

chart (4)

A second thing that exists is Italy — which country the reader might recognize for its contributions both to civil engineering and bunga-bunga sex parties:

Just Italy

For reasons not entirely clear to anyone — but certainly no less devoid of meaning than any other sort of human enterprise — the reader finds this third thing, an image depicting the data points from that previously cited PITCHf/x chart placed atop famous Italy:

Lewis Italy

“If not necessarily a many-splendored thing,” replies the reader in conclusion, “life is at least a one-splendored thing.”

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12 Responses to “Idle Observation: Colby Lewis PITCHf/x Chart Resembles Italy”

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  1. dee.gordon says:

    Senatus Colby Lewisque Romanus

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  2. tz says:

    Colby Lewis scouting report:

    – Fastball Romes all over the place
    – Changeup sometimes left hanging like a Genoa salami
    – Good curveball to boot.

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  3. MikeS says:

    What pitch does he need to fill in Corsica or Sardinia? A screwball?

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  4. Sophia Loren says:

    Those are some major league curves there.

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  5. hangs knox says:

    I just see dong here, I’m afraid.

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  6. Shoop says:

    Looks a lot more like a flaccid cock n balls

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