“I’ll take him over you.”

I like writing about baseball because I like thinking about baseball. I like thinking about baseball because it’s such a complicated game. Often, the thoughts I have are critical, but underneath it all I have a great respect for those that play the game. I was a terrible baseball player, and I’m surprised John Flaherty, my coach, could even look me in the eye and keep a straight face when we talked about my development as a fourth outfielder and sixth infielder for the JV squad. These guys can do things with balls I can’t even imagine.

But I can think a little bit. So don’t ask me not to think.

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6 Responses to ““I’ll take him over you.””

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  1. jfwiii says:

    Between this and the Michael Young nonsense, one would think Grant is readying his application for the inaugural class of the Joe Morgan School of Journalism.

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  2. The funny thing is that I dream in 100 win seasons. Guess you’re wrong, EVAN.

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  3. juan pierres mustache says:

    Bottom line: Frank McCourt has stolen more money from the Dodgers than YOU like, but he’s won more games than YOU have had dreams.

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  4. Dan Z says:

    Nothing beats the wonderful strawman argument on display there. Hes won more games than you so hes better, even though thats not the argument and you arent an MLB manager, just brilliant logic!

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  5. Hunter says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Evan Grant a beat reporter? Most beat reporters are anything but critical and objective, since their very livelihood depends on a certain coziness with the team.

    Asking beat reporters to be critical of the team is like asking a mom to admit her kid is ugly. Except in rare cases, ain’t gonna happen. Don’t waste your breath.

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  6. JRM says:

    Eno says cocaine isn’t excellent, but have you seen the RESULTS of Ron Washington’s cocaine? He’s won more games with cocaine and the cocaine-aided career of Josh Hamilton (again, what are Hamilton’s RESULTS?) than you have.

    Stop disrespecting. Why not let Washington do it his way?

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