Image: Dave Cameron on Cover of ESPN Body Issue

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

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  1. Big Daddy V says:

    He blinked when they took the picture, didn’t he? And now he doesn’t like how it turned out. I’m onto your games, Cameron.

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  2. Well-Beered Englishman says:

    I charge the readers of NotGraphs with a sacred mission: to retaliate by ‘shopping an image of Carson Cistulli on the cover of ESPN Body Issue, and posting the result on this comment section.

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  3. SimonSays says:

    SimonSays put the image up.

    There. Now you have to.

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  4. canuckassassin says:

    I got my Kleenex out for nothing

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  5. Greg says:

    I bet Dave removed it because it didn’t have his dog in the photo.

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  6. Nick says:

    I saw the title on Twitter and thought this might be The One Post To End It All.

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  7. Benzedrine says:

    This probably will wind up being the most clicked page for the week.

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  8. Hugh Briss says:

    I saw it in a dream.

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  9. Bluebird in Boulder says:

    This is turning Dave Appelman’s millions into hundreds of thousands.

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