Important Bat-Flip Coverage: Prince Fielder, Minutes Ago

Prince Fielder hit a home run against Brandon Morrow a few minutes ago. Among the people impressed by Fielder’s home run was Prince Fielder himself.

To wit:

Fielder Flip 2

And more to wit:

Fielder Flip 2 Side

Note: gentleman internet-surfer Matt_HBB provides a different view for the people’s enjoyment.

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21 Responses to “Important Bat-Flip Coverage: Prince Fielder, Minutes Ago”

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  1. Donut3 says:

    That’s kinda douchey. Spring training game, Prince. Chill.

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  2. Danny Knobgobbler says:

    And there you have it: Brandon Morrow’s 2012 season was a mirage.

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    • regression says:

      morrow outperformed FIP and xFIP by 3/4ths of and a full run, respectively in 2012. mirage is too harsh though.

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  3. nu buford when says:

    He’ll be drilled during the season in his fat keister

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    • m as in mancy says:

      maybe this is a technique hitters will employ now in this new, run depressed era. OBP at any cost!

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  4. ST is a time for practice. Prince obviously was obviously unhappy after reviewing tape with his 2012 celebratory performances and spent the offseason refining his bat-flipping game.

    Gotta appreciate a man who takes his art seriously.

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  5. Seb Visser says:

    Check out the home run and pimp job by former Major Leaguer Wladimir Balentien in a pre-WBC exhibition game against Cuba!


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    • Mike Magie says:

      Maybe it’s just the angle but does the left fielder look like he dramatically misjudged his chance to catch the ball?

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      • Mike Magie says:

        It looks like the left fielder is 10 yards to the right of the line that the ball landed on – poorly phrased ugh…

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  6. Carry On My Heyward Son says:

    Man, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an in-front-of-the-plate bat flip. That’s pretty bold.

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  7. Menthol says:

    He didn’t have much of an opportunity to do much bat flipping against the Giants in the World Series.

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  8. Joe F. says:

    Pretty sure that’s a momentum thing, due to his forearms and hands coming back from over his shoulder, and not anything deliberate.

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  9. Roy Hobbs says:

    Prince is working on his moves for slowpitch softball career…

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  10. Mike Magie says:

    Mets Spring Training drills…

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  11. B says:

    Shades of Brett Boone

    Very douchey but still fun to watch.

    Wish it was in the MLB13 game…

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