Important Poll: Rapper or Cistulli?

I ask you this, dear reader, and I ask you quite frankly — who is responsible for the following quote:

“Heard you got the cops with you. That’s a goddamn shame, you talk on your album, I thought you’d have a block with you.”

Was it from Styles P, a member of the Yonkers, N.Y., based hip-hop triumvirate known as The Lox?

Styles P
Styles P, who shares Cistulli’s love of hats with single block letters.

Or was it uttered by Carson Cistulli to noted baseballer and rapper Trevor Bauer, as retaliation for a (possibly imagined) slight directed towards Bauer’s former Diamondbacks teammate — and Cistulli mancrush — Chase Anderson?

cistulli vs bauer
Both Cistulli and Bauer seem to like their odds of winning a duel.

Vote now, or live in danger of your life continuing unfulfilled!

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7 Responses to “Important Poll: Rapper or Cistulli?”

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  1. AC of DC says:

    There aren’t as many places to get good lox in Yonkers these days.

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  2. adam w says:

    “The doors was closed/I felt like Bad Boy’s street team/I couldn’t work the Lox” – Kanye West

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  3. dp says:

    “Fuck. Tha. Frail. Shit. / uh / Cause when the coke come in / They gotta use the scales that they weight the whales wit / Carsons on the jeep, but Gotti made the prototype / Hoped you’d get the picture but you just can’t photo light”–Dayn Perry

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