In Celebration of the Three-Error Play

Our friends at pass along this footage from a recent game in the Korean Baseball Organization:

Three-Error Majesty

Let’s not gather together here as the lesser Internetters are wont to do and mock someone beyond our circle of relations. Instead, let’s look at this horrendous turn of events for the Korean center fielder Na Sung-beom and recognize it for what it likely is: A once-in-a-career moment.

No player would find himself among the professional ranks if he or she frequently visited Three Error Town. This center fielder here, he’s in no way as bad as this, his worst fielding moment. So let’s enjoy this rare destruction of pride and professionalism. Let’s laugh alongside Na Sung-beom — though he may not yet be laughing — and admit, “Hey, that’s us out there in center field, booting the ball, then dropping the ball, then wildly slinging the ball at no one in particular. That’s all of us. Today, we’re all Na Sung-beom.”

True story, the softball team I founded and manage lost 32-0 and then 32-0, again, in our first two games. We’re a team of Na Sung-beom’s worst moments. And, hey, we kinda love it.


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3 Responses to “In Celebration of the Three-Error Play”

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  1. RunTeddyRun says:

    I thought for sure this was going to be about that Astros play against the Nationals last year, and I was fully prepared to celebrate it for the 100th time. Nope, instead of a really shitty team having a really shitty moment, we get the nadir of Na Sung-Beom’s fielding career.

    That’s an interesting comparison though. While one man booting the ball hither and yon is pretty bad, it is an isolated and ultimately forgettable play. When SIX players help each other make all the errors, that is orders of magnitude worse. Someone should send the Astros gif to Na so he can feel better.

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    • RunTeddyRun says:

      I just put together the fact that a play that started with a bunt and a man on first ended with the left fielder overthrowing home. Every time I look I see something new and ridiculous.

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  2. jruby says:

    That throw was very very far off.

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