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In Which I Promote Myself

I wrote a book that some people — people not even related to me — think is pretty good. That book [deep breath], Reggie Jackson: The Life and Thunderous Career of Baseball’s Mr. October, is now available in trade paperback at championship retailers everywhere. Just look at it!

If you’ve previously purchased and enjoyed the the boundless charms of the hardcover edition, please know that this one is much more ergonomic and comfortable. But that’s not all! Here’s an interview with me about said book, which, I may have mentioned, is available for purchase.

In the timeless words of the Video Professor, “Please try my product.” In fact, if you purchase this book, then I’ll come to your house, place of business or favorite darkened boulevard and sign it for you!*

*I will almost certainly not do this. But I do love all of you.