Indolence Donnybrook: Your Move, Cistulli

You’ll recall that recently in this space, Chuckles Cistulli took occasion to mock my yeoman’s toil by posting a crudely altered image of Babe Ruth. According to foul-smelling Cistulli, his outputs constituted the depth and breadth of Internet-based half-assedness. Since that moment, I’ve been oiling my guns for war.

And now I’m here to escalate this Indolence Donnybrook by posting a picture of a goblin shark that’s been altered in only one shiftless regard: I added — in the default font, no less — the career triple-slash of Garth Iorg …

I Could Scarcely Be Bothered

After posting this, I ambled yawning to the ice box to retrieve some milk and wound up falling asleep in the crisper. I’m still in there. It’s cold but not cold enough to rouse me from my idiot’s doze.

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