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Inserting Yourself Into Dick Allen: A Daguerrotype Contest

As you might have already realized, we here at NotGraphs are quite fond of Dick Allen. I posit four basic reasons for our endless fascination with Dick:

1. On-field excellence

2. General badassery

3. Tones that are the dulcet-est

4. Connoisseur of mustaches and spectacles

It was with this in mind that I included Dick in my MLB Halloween costume catalog last week. Of course, I never actually expected to see anyone follow through with my suggestions.

And then reader scout1222 offered this brilliant idea:

Please, will some NotGrapher do the Dick Allen idea and submit a photo in the same pose as we see on the literature entries! That would be awesome.

Awesome indeed, scout1222. Which is why I am pleased to announce the NotGraphs Dick Allen Daguerrotype Contest.

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

Step 1: Dress up as Dick Allen

Step 2: Strike your best Dick Allen pose

Step 3: Photograph yourself

Step 4: Send photograph to not+tips (at) fangraphs (dot) com with “Dick Allen Contest” in the subject line

I have no idea what to expect with this, but I can promise that all entries will be featured on NotGraphs, where they will be carefully scrutinized by our panel of expert judges for the overall quality of the costume and the true-to-Dickness of the pose. Daguerrotypes will be accepted until 11:59 PM on Halloween — Monday, October 31st. 

The winner of the contest shall receive the abiding admiration of the NotGraphs staff and, perhaps, a small token of our respect.

Update: The honorable Mr. Dan Szymborski raises an important concern:

Please don’t be racist, people!