Inside The Baseball Studio: O-Dog

Reporters who don’t confide in loved ones that Orlando Hudson is the most enjoyable ballplayer to work around, simply haven’t covered one of his handful of teams. The “Dog” addition to so many is merely a cultural norm based off of what, Snoop Dogg’s popularity? I don’t know? But for Orlando it very well could pertain to his constant barking. The man never shuts up, and I say that in a very appreciative way. In an SI player poll, when ballplayers were asked who talks the most, it was O-Dog by a landslide, something like 30 or 40%.. For a player poll that’s a huge response, considering the universe of answers that could be given.  Anyway never-quiet second baseman sat down with me and shared this, the fourth installment of the Inside The Baseball Studio series where I take actual questions from Inside The Actor Studio with James Lipton and ask real players… Hope you enjoy,..

What is your favorite word?

I got so many, let’s go with Young Buck.

Least favorite word?

The N-Word.

What turns you on?

Looking at myself in a mirror

What turns you off?

Looking at that outfit you have on. [editorial note: my outfit was just fine, thank you very much. Apparently a 28-year-old quazi hipster and southern black man don’t see eye-to-eye on style.]

Sound you love?

What kind of question is that? Music.

Sound you hate?

Chalk screeching across a chalk board

Favorite curse word?

None of them.

What profession other than your words would you like to attempt?

Quarterback for the Cowboys.

Profession you would not like to attempt?

Snow boarding, snow skiing, ice skate roller skate, water skiing, deep see diver, synchronize swimmer, hot dog eater, none off that nonsense. [editorial note 2: This is a classic O-dog answer. The rambling can go on for hours if not acted on by an outside force.]

If heaven exists what would you like to hear him say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

It does exists. But, O-dog my man. My favorite man. Welcome to my kingdom, come walk with me.

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Hudson is ok with nails on the chalkboard, but just don’t use chalk on the chalkboard, thank you very much.