“Interrobang” Showdown II: Ghost Protocol

Our efforts to bestow upon a deserving base ball-ist the nickname “Interrobang” is increasingly a cluster, and that cluster, armed with a certain zeal is starting to fuck. The first crack at it yielded a beautiful tie, and the second attempt also yielded a beautiful (albeit somewhat contrived) tie.

So now we must rally ’round the flag for a third and — one hopes (or doesn’t, if mounting chaos is your thing) — clarifying referendum. How, citizens, should we break this tie, which failed to break the first tie? To the Diebold Sybian!

Excellent choice!

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  1. None of the above. Slightly modified version of the second: Stanton gets “Interrobang” and Morgan gets “Interroboing.”

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  2. Darien says:

    That’s it; clearly neither of these clowns has what it takes to come through in the clutch. I’m hopping on the Beltre bandwagon.

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  3. Jeremy says:

    Is there any way this poll doesn’t end in a 6-way tie?

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  4. Toasty says:

    I think we should ask each of the two for personal statements. Just tweet at Plush, he’ll probably babble something back.

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  5. reillocity says:

    I now deeply regret providing two options.

    Morgan should be ?! and Stanton should be !?.

    The first response to Morgan is generally a question that is followed by exclamatory statement (as in “What did he just say (or do)? Oh, my deity of preference!”). The first response to a Stanton bomb is typically an exclamatory statement followed by a question (as in “Holy shit! How far is that one going?”).

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    • Yirmiyahu says:

      Isn’t the thing about an interrobang, though, that it is neither “?!” nor “!?”. It is both at once. It is:

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      • reillocity says:

        No, that’s the third variant of the interrobang. I nominate Adrian Beltre for that one.

        Hopefully, this will catch on and there will be a grassroots movement to get Morgan to change his uniform number from 2 to ?!, Stanton to change his number from 27 to !?, and Beltre to change from 29 to ‽ (though admittedly, that variant looks a lot like Morgan’s 2).

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      • To me it just looks like a Phillies logo.

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  6. Max says:

    I think next season should decide who gets it, with a running catalog of who has the most ?! moments over the course of the year winning.

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  7. Well-Beered Englishman says:

    I’m pleased to be voting for Adrian Beltre once again.

    I’m even more pleased to have created a tie between Beltre and “rascal basket”.

    I’m even more more pleased by the phrase “rascal basket”.

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  8. Brian says:

    Go Zach! I believe in you!

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  9. phoenix2042 says:

    vote for dayn and his sprouting of a rascal basket!

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  10. PrettyRicky says:

    Right now it is tied between Beltre and Dayn’s basket. If it stays this way, will that make it a three way tie, to be resolved by said basket?

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  11. Del B. Vista says:

    I’m pretty sure at this point Dayn is just doing interrobanging his way with multiple posts on this so he can meet posting quotas, keep his NotGraphs overlords happy and keep collecting his little sacks of gold.

    Or maybe it’s … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk0j_Ih4dko&t=30s

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