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Introducing “Pete Rise”

If you will, please regard the following post that was emblazoned upon to the Facebook page of CBSSports.com’s Eye On Baseball — the home for all baseball fans …

Pete Rise Is Born

Pete Rise! The accidental genius of auto-correct or inspired creation? It matters not. For Pete Rise now walks among us.

“Pete Rose” of course embodies the full complement of what it means to be Pete Rose — the brilliance afield, the post-1984 humiliations afield, the gambling, the chronic dishonesty, the “soft sociopathy” native to his character, the fierce loyalists he inspired. Pete Rose, that is to say, is a mixed bag.

But Pete Rise? Pete Rise can be considered a subset of Pete Rose — a subset most pleasing, it turns out. Pete Rise was both cocksure and sure of cock …

Pete, Rising

Pete, Rising Still

While opinions will vary on the merits of Pete Rose, we can agree that Pete Rise belongs in both the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Hall of Fame of Plans Hatched.