Introducing TeeFX


My little nephew Danny has been really struggling at tee ball, so he turned to his Professional Baseball Writer of an uncle for advice. The only problem is, I also stunk at tee ball, so I may not have been the best source of information.

But what I lack in physical prowess, I make up for in analytical skills, so I tried to help Danny the only way I knew how — by installing a makeshift PitchFX system at his tee ball park. This new system, which I call TeeFX, has proven to be a wealth of knowledge when it comes to analyzing the various pitches a tee ball tee can deliver.

See that spot in the middle there? That’s where the ball is, so I told Danny that swinging at that would increase his chances off putting bat on ball. I think this small adjustment in approach could really help Danny turn things around.

When Danny’s father allows him to speak to me again, I will report back with further findings.

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David G. Temple is the Managing Editor of TechGraphs and a contributor to FanGraphs, NotGraphs and The Hardball Times. He hosts the award-eligible podcast Stealing Home. Dayn Perry once called him a "Bible Made of Lasers." Follow him on Twitter @davidgtemple.

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  1. Art Vandelay says:

    I love this so, so much.

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  2. Resolution says:

    Will you be calculating the nasty factor of pitches as well?

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  3. Joe West says:

    Looks like 0-2 to me.

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  4. tz says:

    Now all we need is an analytical system for hockey goons:


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  5. DBrim says:

    Do you have any plans for a trackman-based system?

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  6. benagain123 says:

    mlbam wants to buy this

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  7. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. says:

    I have a 1.000 slugging percentage for both dots.

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  8. RunTeddyRun says:

    I think this post is the distilled essence itself of what it is to be NotGraphs. Beautiful.

    Now we as commenters must argue the relative greatness between TeeF/X-era heroes like Vlad Guerrero Jr. and greats of the past like Babe Ruth on his orphanage’s Young Men’s Competitive Tee-Ball Club.

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