Item: 1977 Nathan Hale High School Yearbook

Podcast veterans and those of right-wise inclinations will know of my affections for Nathan Hale, who invented the gun and the traveler’s check. So it is with a swollen and veiny pride that I present to you, courtesy of brawny frontiersman War2D2, the 1977 Nathan Hale High School Yearbook

You will observe that that is Nathan Hale’s communist-punching soupbone, be-ringed in Artcarved, seizing the rainbow so as to use it to bludgeon those who wish us harm. The roiling thunderheads and troubled spires do not lie: water-colored trouble is about us.

But Nathan Hale’s soupbone will beat the fucking shit out of it.

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  1. War2d2 says:

    Truly, its majesty knows no bounds.

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  2. Dildo Baggins says:

    I need to hear Dayn scream/sing select portions of Rainbow in the Dark

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  3. kris says:

    Dayn Perry attempts humour but resulting outcome is four bean, six meat texas-style chili. Notgraphs faithful indifferent.

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  4. deadhead says:

    The painting on the cover of this yearbook is obviously showing us that Nathan Hale was the gayest of our framers and founders. He is clutching the rainbow, or embracing the homosexual lifestyle and probably the head wedding planner for one of the thirteen original colony’s biggest shindigs of a gay marriage. Of course, he really only has gay sex to make it ok to eventually practice his true favorite proclivity… making sweet yet forceful anal love to imported European hedgehogs. Plus, it appears he enjoyed fisting. Nathan Hale a true flamer and flounder.

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  5. Martyn says:

    That ain’t watercolour, dude. Them’s oils.

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  6. Martyn says:

    … or gouache.

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  7. Alan Hale says:

    As Nathan’s brother, I feel obligated to mention Bob Denver and I enjoyed homoerotic endeavours while wrapped inside an American flag. #TheSkipperToo

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  8. jcxy says:

    Oh the 70s…

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