Item: Baseball Bat Beer

Proprietor of liquor store: “What are you doing, sir?”
Me: “I’m taking a picture of this.”
Proprietor of liquor store: “Are you to buy it?”
Me: “No. I’m going to buy something more expensive.”
Proprietor of liquor store: “Very good then.”

I don’t believe in awful beer. I do, however, believe that items refashioned to resemble baseball bats are small, good things. So I compromised. I purchased the Oberon and took a terrible picture of the Old Style bottles refashioned to resemble baseball bats. Sometimes, even in this zero-sum life of ours, everybody wins.

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  1. Seitz says:

    “I don’t believe in awful beer.”

    This is a bald faced lie. Though it’s nice to see you’ve maintained the proper priorities in wake of recent developments.

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    • Dayn Perry says:

      I can occasionally partake in things I don’t believe in. I am a man of nuance and complication.

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  2. TheBigDawg says:

    Life is not zero-sum. For instance, if you drink Old Style, you have to deal with a nasty taste in your mouth. No matter what value you believe you might get from the beer, you still have to deal with the taste. Net negative.
    Get a quality beer like Sam Adams Imperial Stout and enjoy that in front of a baseball game, you get a net positive to the Sam Fuld degree.

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  3. Matt K says:

    As a KZoo resident I say good call on the Oberon. Although sometimes… you just can’t beat the novelty of anything Old Style.

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  4. TheGrandslamwich says:

    Oberon is nice, but being an IPA man, Two Hearted Ale is my primary choice there.

    Although, drinking beer out of a baseball bat would be even cooler than drinking liquor out of my hollowed out ski poles on the slopes.

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  5. Dre says:

    am I the only guy who thought this post was going to be about Dizzy Bat, the drinking game?

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