Items from My Youth: Tiny Helmets

“Slow news day.”

Along with my Starting Lineup figurines, I also salvaged these mini helmets from my mother’s latest rummage pile.

Taking advantage of my GF’s clean desk.

I used to get these for a quarter a piece from vending machines at grocery stores.

Once I had enough of them, I would play out entire seasons, the schedules scratched out in notebooks, each game decided by a coin flip. (I was never able to get all of the teams, so I just used duplicates to stand in for the missing teams, putting a tiny scrap of masking tape over the logo on the duplicate and initialing the tape to represent the missing team.) For the playoffs, I would do a coin flip per inning and keep track of the “score.” I sorta wish I still had those notebooks now. It was a life’s work, really.

In an effort to meld the past and the present, I decided to assign each of the helmets to an object/being in my current house. I made some effort to align some aspect of the team with the object/being it got placed with — but don’t read too much into that. Or do. There are some duplicates.

California Angels, LOLz

Braves helmet cereal bowl that I got from Apple Jacks box offer,
had since I was 10 or so.

Lady stuff.

Wanted to have chicken and beer but beer was too high quality
and chicken was frozen.

Look at me: I’m beautiful.

I’m not kidding: I named our cat Mark “Bird” Fidrych.

I can has mini helmet?

Some good finds for Kenny Williams.

A family of sasquatches, a family of extraterrestrials; $5, Seven Mile Fair

It’s a fossil. Get it?

Possibly my fav’.

Courage bird.

This cat once lived with a dog named Brewer.

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12 Responses to “Items from My Youth: Tiny Helmets”

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  1. Kyle says:

    Many of those pictures are really great. The Cubs and A’s submissions were particular highlights. Those, and every one with a cat.

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  2. Chike says:

    These are pretty cool. The Cubs one was classic.

    Would someone explain the Phillies (battery) and Orioles (lamps) pictures?

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  3. GUY says:

    Man, these are so awesome, thanks for sharing.
    I didn’t have these in my childhood, but we had the plastic ones that were a bit bigger that you’d get at Baskin Robbins with a sundae. They’d put your ice cream in them, and then they’d become a sticky mess, which my parents were thrilled about.
    Anyone with me? I was obsessed! After awhile I’d go and I would ask them which helmets they had and if they didn’t have one that I needed I wouldn’t even get ice cream. Still have them in my old childhood room…

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    • Urban Shocker says:

      Likewise…however I collected the mini-helmets of ice cream gooey-ness (and greatness!) at AA Barons games.

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  4. Paul Sporer says:

    Some of these were excellent! I’m not a cat fan (though I am a Tigers & Lions fan oddly enough), but I can has mini helmet cracked me the f up.

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  5. filihok says:

    Ok. That was hilarious

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  6. Big Jgke says:

    This is a very deep and disturbing window into your soul.

    And hilarious. It’s that too.

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  7. Dayn Perry says:

    I had a shit-ton of these as a kid, along with a cardboard display thingy. Now I want to get on a plane, break into my parents’ house and take what’s mine.

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  8. Howie says:

    I have these same helmets in my office at home… It’s cool that other people still have theirs…

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  9. Joaquin Stick says:

    So good

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