Jamie Moyer Tweets Probably a Oaxacan Word

Moyer Tweet

Because he is afraid both of answers and the truth, the author has not endeavored to confirm that the word Ydhwxactxvery clearly tweeted by former major-league left-hander Jamie Moyer — actually belongs to any of the Oto-Manguean languages. It seems to, however, and that — as America’s celebrities teach us — is what’s most important.

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

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  1. BlackSabbathia says:

    The Manguean branch, it seems, is extinct, so perhaps only Moyer himself could confirm the word’s meaning. It’s probably just an ancient word for “change-up.”

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  2. BHunt says:

    Ydhwxactx is an obscure title the Mayans used. The word translates loosely to “Old Man who won’t stop throwing things”.

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    • cass says:

      Actually, the Mayan languages are in a separate, unrelated language family.

      (Yes, by a strange coincidence, I’ve recently been reading up on the indigenous languages of Mexico. Hopefully Cistulli is not stalking me.)

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  3. maccapee says:

    Oh, have you never visited scenic Ydhwxac, TX?

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  4. Dang says:

    Are you not hip to the internet lingo nowadays? It’s a popular web acronym.
    Ydhwxactx – You don’t have white xylophones? A curiosity, truly. *smooch*

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    • frivoflava29 says:

      Dude, I think it stands for “You don’t have whole xanax anymore ’cause of trying xfinity.”

      Jamie Moyer is just upset since he realized Comcast has a monopoly as his only local cable provider.

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  5. jruby says:

    Ydhwxactx… Yood how x act x… You’d how exact ex…

    “You would? How?”
    (Receives vague response from high school sweetheart who dumped him)
    “Exact, ex!”

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    • Soup says:

      How would you act if you were straight edge?

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    • Psy Jung says:

      1. “I’m afraid, Slothrop, that you and your heartbreaker there have been quislinged by your dear friend Z. Quilty Howex. You are finished.” “You?! would Howex?? Act, ex!”
      2. “[Same old emotionally manipulative stuff]” “You would. How exact, ex.”
      3. “I’m thinking of writing a theatre piece that chronicles the iterative indignities of my romantic life.” “You would how?” “Ex act ex.”
      4. “Man I haven’t seen her in years and she gets in touch with me. I don’t really want to have her in my life again – what should I do?” “You would “how ex, act ex”.

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  6. AC of DC says:

    I enjoy that in the title has utilizado “a” en vez de “an” in consideration of reflecting native pronunciation. Such a worldly chap, that Cistulli.

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  7. Sarge6 says:

    This seems to be one of those times where Mr. Cistulli’s reach for the recondite exceeds his grasp. Mr. Moyer’s tweet is, quite apparently, an outburst of Cthulhuan possession.

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