Japanese Baseball Slogans ALWAYS YES!!

It’s time for baseball season in Japan, much as it is in America. Here’s a sampling of some marketing slogans for the teams across the drink.

“Show the Spirit — Dream.”

NPG Slogans2

Yokohama DeNA BayStars

“Fire Up The Red Road. Red All The Way. Red. Hot. Straight.”

NPG Slogans1

Hiroshima Carp


NPG Slogans3

Yakult Swallows

Thanks to the NPB subReddit for the link on this one.

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10 Responses to “Japanese Baseball Slogans ALWAYS YES!!”

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  1. MikeS says:

    “Fire Up The Red Road.”
    “Red All The Way.”
    “Red. Hot. Straight.”

    Japanese baseball slogans? Or porn titles?

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  2. dang says:

    That “Show the spirit – dream” drawing….

    Upon seeing it, much like the spirit’s corporeal form, I am dead.

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  3. tz says:

    I can only imagine the great, wiffleball-like pitches you could throw using a baseball-sized skull.

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  4. Rich Mahogany says:

    Congratulation – A Winner Is You

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  5. Mr. Observant says:

    And this isn’t a jumping-off point for NotGraphs to create a series of Nippon P.B.-esque slogans for MLB teams? “Okay, Blue Jays, let’s playing with Blue Jay balls!”

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    • triple-A city says:

      If Cistulli has an ounce of humanity in his frail body he’ll assign the task to precious jewel and imported national treasure Craig Robinson immediately. Immediately!

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  6. MustBunique says:

    Your Red Road isn’t straight.

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  7. Matthew Murphy says:

    That dog is having a tough time deciding whether it should eat the doughnut or the child wrapped in a tortilla

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  8. Jenstrom says:

    Rakuten Golden Eagles: Fly High with Yooouuuuuuk!

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