Jeff Huson, Disapproving Pastor

Study closely the countenance of American Baseball Broadcaster Jeff Huson …

You’ll note the solemn look of disapproval in tandem with the finest in Evangelical’s Choice Menswear and Hair Tonic.

The entirety of it provides Huson with a mise en scène that is known variously as “Pastor Cocaine” or “Comptroller of Jonestown.” The look suggests a glowering reproach directed not at unruly adolescents but rather at the repugnant iniquities of those Mather brothers, Cotton and Increase. It also suggests a long history of groped receptionists and several powdery lines of fucking primo white lady followed by sweaty prayers hollered into a cordless microphone.

In closing, Jeff Huson might be going to hell but not before he sends you there.

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I fire-walked the hot coals of his eyes . . . and just before I died a little on the inside, Jeff Huson turned into Little Nicky.

He still hasn’t turned back to Jeff Huson yet . . .